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Originally from Saigon, South Vietnam, YENN’s been on the entertainment scene since the age of 13 as an accomplished singer and dancer. She signed with Asia Entertainment in 2000, and began touring North America, Australia, Russia, and European countries such as Germany, Holland, Switzerland and the Czech Republic. YENN was the mastermind behind several best-selling DVDs, and musicals produced in her native Vietnamese language. This musical prodigy also recorded and released 10 CDs in her native language, and is known for songs such as “Voi Anh Dem Nay,” “Adult Ceremony,” “Voulez Vous,” and “Dem Buon Nhu Thanh Ca,” which launched her into international fame.


A gifted writer, YENN , the former Co-Editor in Chief of BEERS magazine, is Founder/Co-Editor-in-Chief/CEO of PiNT, a new lifestyle print and digital magazine that focuses on Wine and Craft Beer. “I wanted to take what I learned from BEERS and sort of give it a platform for PiNT. The wine aficionado experienced her first red wine and fell in love. “I discovered my first red as a Shiraz, and it was the most delicious thing that has ever hit my face.” However, PiNT is not just about liquor. It’s a lifestyle magazine. Readership includes people who enjoy indulging in wine and craft beer. Pint readers are a modern demographic that are innovators, creators, crafters, trendsetters and basically your contemporary cowboy. Sophisticated, with a healthy dose of American attitude, all gather around a shared pint. It’s a mindset. But, connoisseurs will find info from sommeliers and brew masters regarding the latest on wine and beer.


An ingénue on the move, YENN’s developed her own Food Made with Alcohol cooking show under the PiNT brand. Lovingly named A Pint-A-Day, it features the chanteuse and guests in the kitchen. From bourbon-style shortbread cookies to beer salves to wine mud masks, YENN and her guests explore tasty and interesting recipes. It will air on the PiNT magazine website, as well as, other related channels.

YENN co-created a story to be scripted as a play named Pints, taken from a collective archive of stories and experiences as Founder of her magazine PiNT. This candid, contemporary-modern piece is a comedy set in Hollywood, MD, around an International Conglomerate. Plans are in the works for the play to run at the Adler Theatre during mid-November, 2015.


If all the world is a stage, then YENN is blossoming into a studied thespian. Prior to writing Pints, YENN studied at Stella Adler Academy of Acting (www.artofactingstudio.com) in Hollywood, Calif. “I met a great group of friends! In fact, I met some of the most beautiful people at Adler,” YENN admits. Oftentimes, she was cast in roles the polar opposite of her persona. “Being in somebody else’s shoes is irreplaceable humility,” she says. YENN appeared as Izzy in Seminar, written by Theresa Rebek in 2013; and was Abbie Putnam in Desire Under the Elms, written by Eugene O’Neill, and directed by Tim McNeil in 2014.


Inventor of style and sensibility, YENN has created Kepers, a protective footwear product. Designed much like Golashes and rain boots, Kepers is weather-proof, water-proof, and made from multi-layer PVC. Created with a non-skid sole, YENN designed Kepers to fit snugly over men and women’s casual shoes, sneakers, and sandals. It also includes pairs designed specifically to fit most women’s high heels, and fastens with zippers and lace. “It’s designed with a little bit of give to wear when you drive,” explains YENN.


She first debuted on the charts with the Dance/Electro single, “So Good to Be Wrong,” in 2010. Although peeking at No. 24, and considered by many a dance track, it was a truly hypnotic vocal influence and underground rave joint. YENN’s soft, melodic vocals floated throughout the pulsating track. “It was personal space, and lyrical energy,” YENN explains. After much success, YENN returned in 2011 with the electro-charged, single, “Pretty Ugly,” a “celebratory” track that peaked at No. 14.


YENN’s return in 2013 with “I Don’t Need You to Love Me,” featuring hit rapper Legacy of hip hop duo, The New Boyz, remained on steady rotation at the clubs! Ladies were jumping on the floor, feeling empowered. “Just be yourself as a whole person – a higher being,” says YENN. “I Don’t Need You to Love Me,” is a Pop song that cut urban grooves by dropping a Westside L.A.-like back and slight electronica vibe.



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